New problem with FBA reported - once item is sold, the seller's description is GONE

This is a complaint we've heard from several FBA sellers:

A customer will order a used item (i.e., a book in good used condition, with some wear/tear), but will have forgotten the description of the book. When it arrives, and the customer sees the wear/tear, they get upset.

The problem is, when ordering a used book from a regular seller, you have lots of places to reference the condition of the book you ordered: your "order history" page, your email confirmation, etc. But with FBA orders, there is no place the customer can find the original condition/description of the book.

Let me repeat that: there is no place the customer can find the seller's original condition/description of the book. Not in the order history. Not in the email confirmation. Not even by contacting Amazon.

So, today we decided to hit two birds with one stone - we wanted to see if the Amazon rep could look up the condition of the seller's original description of an FBA book we ordered, and while we were at it, we wanted to measure the response time of the "click-to-call" feature.

Bottom line is this: the click-to-call actually called our phone in less than 5 seconds, but we were on hold for 6 minutes before somebody actually picked up, and another 19 minutes before they found an answer to our question. And, the answer was a resounding NO - there is no way for them to look up the seller's original description.

No wonder customers are getting confused - this particular problem affected us recently (read our other post here).


Anonymous said...

How do I get n contect with you reagrding a stroy about FBA. You can reach me at yynb at live .com

Anonymous said...

Ugh I'm having this problem right now, I sold an amp through FBA, the customer returned it because the original packaging was not intact. I had listed the amp as used...the money has already been taken back out of my account. I hate FBA wish I'd bothered to google it first.

Anonymous said...

FBA really stands for Failure by Amazon/Failed by amazon.

No?? crickets

hoaduy said...

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Anonymous said...

I feel bad for the sellers. I just ordered three items FBA and two different shippers claimed it would be late (amazon's own and purolator) then didn't show up at all.

I have now demanded a refund or my entire order, from Amazon. THEY are responsible for the shipping and I understand they hang onto the seller's money for 30 days if what I read, is correct.

When I first attempted to straighten it out, Amazon CS sent me an 18 paragraph letter copypasta about how great their customer service, is yet never sent, nor agreed to send, the merchandise or tell me why there's was a delivery problem.

I wish I was kidding.

I've never had an item from Amazon 3rd party that didn't show up when promised, except for one that was a week late. I've ordered from Asian resellers etc. Ebay and suchlike after checking out their companies and I always got my stuff.

This is not the seller's fault. It's Amazon's. As soon as this is resolved, I am closing my account with them. If online shopping is going to be a crapshoot, I'd rather lose one purchase than all of them.

Amazon also seems to be deleting or burying complaints on the web because even the best companies, when you search in an engine, will have quite a few, complaints--yet try to find them from Amazon.