Problem with FBA order - "new" book shows up factory sealed, but with highlighting & underlining

Two weeks ago we ordered a "new" book from an FBA seller, and it arrived factory sealed and on time.

However, today we opened the book, and it had highlighting and notes on EVERY page! How could this happen? Somebody is being extremely disingenuous.

Further, we contacted FBA via email, and they said sometimes this type of damage occurs during shipping. HUH? How does underlining occur during shipping??? (full email below)

Next, we used the "click-to-call" feature, which took 25 minutes - and they offered us a $1.40 refund, or we could return the book for a full refund. (read other post here)

The most disturbing thing was that we wanted to look up the wording of the seller's original description (mainly to see if the item was described as sealed at the "factory", or if they disclosed they were selling remainders or books that were somehow remanufactured). Anyway, the original description cannot be accessed by the buyer. Not even Amazon could tell us over the phone what the original description was.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a picture?

Anonymous said...

It is true that even Amazon cannot look up the description. However, if you talk to the right person, they can contact someone who can look up the description. It is available, just not to regular customer service reps. If you call customer service, ask them if they can have someone look it up for them. If they say no, they probably aren't aware it can be done. Don't argue with them, call back until you find someone who says they can do it. If they are not located in the U.S., they will not be able to help you regardless. The rep must be in the U.S. and know someone who can look it up for them.

Evans said...

An update on this - one more way FBA may screw you! Other blogs & news sources are reporting that buyers who receive too many refunds can be kicked off Amazon. That means, if you're a seller, and receive damaged merchandise from FBA, don't ask for a refund or adjustment or else your account may be suspended.

Anonymous said...

Beware of FBA if you have top selling items as Amazon will start selling the items themselves despite not having even sold in this category before. Total greed! They encourage you to send you inventory and then start selling the same item, undercut you and you are left paying either the storage fees or paying to have your items shipped back to you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... Haven't heard that one before. That's a fist. Do you have examples/links?

I'm very curious how they would define "top selling".

But it only makes sense - they have algorithms running every aspect of Amazon. So if the system sees a profitable item (after all, they have access to all the metrics such as hits and sales), and their database indicates they can buy it wholesale and turn a profit, why wouldn't they?

I'll bet even their ordering process is automatic. I'm not saying it's morally right - and certainly not good for FBA sellers - but it's effective at pleasing stockholders.

chiaroscuro said...

What do you care if amazon buys it or if I buy or someone else? Its a sale. That's the whole idea of a determine a value that you will part with an item for and someone pays that sum. Who cares if its amazon?

If you are mad that they are making profit after buying your item, you should rethink your line of work. You do the same thing on a small scale. Just because they are bigger than you doesn't make them "greedy".