Amazon Holiday Deals 2015

Ok, for a change of pace...

This blog is primarily concerned with problems sellers have navigating Amazon. I guess a lot of people misunderstand me - I don't hate Amazon. I want Amazon to fix the problems with their warehouses because I really, really like Amazon, and would love for it to work smoothly for my business as well! I own a Kindle, I have a Prime account, I listen to music on Amazon, etc. I just wish it were as easy to sell on Amazon as it is to buy on Amazon.

Anyway, for buyers, there are lots of deals on Amazon this holiday season! (From Black Friday, to Cyber Monday, all the way through New Years). Here are some deals I would like to point out:

7" Kindle Fire for $35 - Ok this is just a steal. The best deal of Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2015, right here. The Kindle Fire is already a steal at $49, but $34.99 is almost free.

No, I don't like the Kindle operating system as much as Android or Apples IOS. But it's a high quality device, good screen, good volume, durable, and comes with a ton of freebies including lending library (not available on other devices). That alone is worth the price.

Artificial Christmas Tree...with Color Changing LED lights...for under $100??? - As long as you don't need a 10 foot tree, this is an unbelievable bargain. This thing comes with a corded remote, to change the lights colors however you want. And it uses less than 10 watts of electricity!? The whole tree runs on less power than one fluorescent light bulb. Amazing. I've seen similar artificial trees in stores for $250-$300.

Black & Decker 16 volt Lithium Cordless Hand Vac $51.99 - I actually own a smaller version of this (14.4 volt), that I got on sale for $89. This is a better machine for less, normally like $150. If you don't know much about Hand Vacs, what's special about it is the 16 volt lithium - battery lasts forever, and very powerful (most hand vacs are 9.6 volts, many are even less than that). Impressive power for a cordless.

D'Addario Digital Tuner (for the guitar player) just $8.99! - This is the coolest musician's gadget for 2015, clips on your instrument, has a metronome and helps tune your guitar.

Box set of 4 Music CDs, Pre-stuffed in a Stocking, for under $20 - Another item in the music lover category. Forget about stocking stuffers, this one already comes in a stocking! Four instrumental music CDs, great gift idea for the young person, band member, etc.

Projector Alarm Clock for $23 - Very cool, Brookstone or Sharper Image feel to this gizmo

Hanes Womens VNeck Tee Shirts - Not as exciting as some of these other gadgets, but my wife thinks these are a score at 2 for $15 (she bought 4). Pink and black v-neck tshirts.

LED String Christmas Lights...for under $10? - Again, I'm not sure how long these deals last. But I think it said there were about 200 units left in stock at this price. Multi-color LED mini Christmas lights, 5 colors on a green wire (amber, red, green, purple, blue). Or get it on a white wire here

Any business customers out there? Wholesale Christmas/Holiday Greeting Cards for 35¢ per card! - Amazon has a business wholesale web site, but occasionally these deals are made available to the public on the regular Amazon site. If you need 100 or more greeting cards, this is the deal for you!

Did you find another Amazon holiday deal? Please let me know so I can post it (or maybe buy it LOL)

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