Amazon deposits unreliable with Seller Central/Marketplace 2.0

Sellers on Amazon have funds automatically disbursed every 2 weeks. Or, they can access their payments through their seller "marketplace" account, and sweep their funds to their bank account more often.

However, since we've "upgraded" to Seller Central/Marketplace 2.0 (a requirement to participate in FBA), our deposits have been irregular.

We typically sweep our account every evening. However, it's been 8 days since a deposit has arrived. We started asking about it, and apparently they are not making the deposit, but adding that amount to the next deposit. It gets debited from our account, as if we received the money, then the next day it shows up as a credit again (as a "miscellaneous adjustment"). By the way, get used to these "miscellaneous adjustments" if you are on FBA - they appear on our account daily, usually as debits, and we rarely know what they are:

(click to enlarge)

This revolving deposit has now been adding up over the past 8 days, but it won't disburse. We actually had to carry a credit card balance this month because we can't count on our Amazon deposits any more. I wonder if we can sue FBA for the interest charges?...

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fredonfred said...

im actually asking about the other items on your screenshot there.

are you really only making $2 per order on $6 and $7 books?

WTF??? how is that worth it.

whats your acquisition cost?

unless your books are free, i dont see how you can sticker, label, sku, data-entry, pay for labor, pay to ship to FBA, pay storage fees, and have any money left in your account.

i assume the $300 was for larger purchases, or non-book purchases?