Customers complain about FBA stickers

One of the requirements for FBA is to print up special bar codes for each item you send in. Didn't sound like a big deal to us at the time, however...

First, this requires a special label (not any Avery label will do - it's got to be the "peelable" kind, which cost more).

Second, this is more time-consuming & expensive than you might think.

Third, FBA requires that you cover ALL bar codes on the book. Some books have 3 or 4 bar codes (including on the inside cover), and apparently they don't want the staff at the FBA warehouse to accidentally zap the wrong bar code. So sellers are required to cover every bar code with either a blank label, &/or an FBA bar code.

Not only does this add to the cost of participating in the program (3-4 cents per label adds up, especially if the book takes 3-4 labels), but also, we've received 2 customer complaints so far:

Customers don't know why the labels are there - FBA doesn't explain it to them. I personally think it's a stupid thing to complain about, but, I also totally understand that the customer isn't expected to know the operations of the FBA warehouse. But it's Amazon's job to inform them of their policies, not ours. Apparently, when one customer called Amazon to find out what they are, Amazon told them to mention it in our seller feedback. HUH???

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