FBA sent wrong item to customer, and refused to fix problem

That's right... a customer ordered one of our FBA books, and the FBA sent him the wrong book, from another seller's inventory.

That impacts not only the customer and us, it also impacts some other seller who is now mysteriously missing a book (and doesn't yet know it).

The customer left us a "1" feedback. I would too - it's not an unforgivable mistake, but it's bad service. And of course, he didn't understand that it wasn't our fault. We contacted FBA right away, and they said (get this!) that the customer needed to contact them, they would NOT contact the customer or pro-actively fix the problem!

We gave the customer Amazon's 1-800 number, but since it was only a $8 item, he had already given the book away to a neighbor, and basically said he didn't care about the money and wasn't going to hassle with it.

But we STILL have the negative feedback, and some other seller's inventory is now missing an item. Plus, I suspect we are still being charged a storage fee for the book (which should have been shipped out in the first place). Inevitably, that other seller will someday probably get a "1" when someone tries to order the item that our customer threw out.

To add insult to injury, FBA refuses to remove our "1" feedback, even though they promised they would remove any negative feedbacks as a result of their mistake. When we signed up for FBA, an aggressive salesperson told us that NEVER had a seller received a bad feedback for an FBA mistake, and if it ever happened, they would remove it. Now, even though we have that guarantee in writing, they tell us they don't have that power, and we must have been mistaken.

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