FBA - Problems with support

In order to save costs, FBA has discontinued all phone and email support. The only way to contact them is by creating a support ticket.

This may seem like no big deal...until you have an emergency situation. Factor into that, there are very few (if any) FBA staffers available on weekends. Once, for example, ALL our inventory disappeared on Friday afternoon - we had to wait until Monday to have someone figure it out for us. That's not just 3 days of lost income.... since 50% of our sales happen on the weekends, we lost 50% of a week's salary because of their mistake, and nobody was around to help us.

Also, once our deposit didn't come through - again, we had to wait 3 days before even getting a response.

To make things even more complicated, some issues require generating a support ticket with Amazon, and some require generating a ticket with FBA. How do you know which is which? Bottom line is, you don't. It's very confusing using the "Seller Central", because you're not technically on the Amazon site.

So sometimes you will contact Seller Central support, and they will tell you instead to generate a ticket with Amazon, or vice-versa. And God forbid you ever have a problem with Alliance - there's a completely different process, and another group of people who don't want to talk to you.

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