Account suspended/payments delayed due to bad FBA feedback?

Earlier, we commented how we were getting bad feedback due to FBA fulfillment errors, and we wondered if this would affect our seller performance. In fact, in the past 8-9 months, 100% of our neutral and negative feedback has come from FBA-fulfilled orders, and zero bad feedbacks from merchant-fulfilled orders.

Further, we speculated that poor "seller performance" (that is, poor feedback based on FBA mistakes) could result in getting an account suspended by Amazon Alliance.

Apparently this has already happened to another seller. Read the full thread on the Amazon discussion board.


Ed Buffey said...

Wow. If customers are leaving neutral and negative feedback for orders that are fulfilled by Amazon, perhaps Amazon needs to re-evaluate its feedback program.

TS Anderson said...

We're on FBA. We've been BEGGING them to do this (see the Amazon discussion boards for examples).

Their response is: "Maybe it's time to reevaluate your participation in FBA".

The thing is, they aren't measuring up to their own standards! If they don't want sellers who have more than 5% negative feedback, but their warehouse is CAUSING the bad feedback, what an F'ing double standard!!!

So basically, we're subscribed to the program, and kindof screwed - haven't sent any books for over a year. We can't unsubscribe (they don't let you), & we don't want to cancel our Amazon account.

So we've switched most of our inventory to Alibris. It's so sad - we've been selling on Amazon for almost 10 years, and we saw this as a way to increase (not decrease) our participation in the world's largest online bookstore. Now we're stuck, and screwed. Our income is down 50%.